Sash Window Repair Services in Sulham

Sash Window Repair Services in Sulham

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Our Sash Windows Services in Sulham


Local Sash Window Repair Services in Sulham, West Berkshire

Sash Window Repair in Sulham Transform Your Property with Sash Windows Berkshire

Are you tired of looking at the old and worn-out sash windows in your Sulham property? Are you looking for reliable sash window repair services in Berkshire that can help you upgrade the appearance and functionality of your windows? Look no further, as Sash Windows Berkshire is here to help you restore your sash windows to their former glory.

At Sash Windows Berkshire, we understand the value of properly functioning and visually appealing sash windows. Our team of skilled craftsmen and glazers have years of experience working with sash windows of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Whether your sash windows need minor repairs or a full-scale renovation, we can help you transform your property.

Sash Windows Berkshire is a trusted sash window repair company in Sulham, and we offer our services throughout the South East of England. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience in sash window repairs, replacements, and installations. We take pride in delivering the highest quality services to our customers, and we use only the best materials and techniques to ensure the longevity and functionality of your sash windows.

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Sash Cord Replacement

Sash cords are the ropes that support the weight of the sash windows. Over time, sash cords can break or wear out, leading to difficulties in opening and closing your windows. At Sash Windows Berkshire, we can replace your sash cords with new ones that will provide your windows with a smooth and effortless operation.

Draught Proofing

Draughts can cause significant heat loss and energy wastage in your property. We offer draught proofing services for sash windows that can help you save on your energy bills and make your property more comfortable.

Glazing Repairs

If your sash windows have broken or damaged glazing, we can replace the glass with new energy-efficient glazing that will improve your windows insulation and security.

Timber Repairs

If your sash window frames are damaged, we can repair or replace the affected areas with high-quality timber that will match the existing woodwork.

Tonbridge Fillet Replacement

The Tonbridge fillet is a piece of wood that is located on the interior of the window frame. It provides additional support to the sash window and helps to reduce draughts. We can replace the Tonbridge fillet if it is damaged or missing.

Double Glazing Conversion

If you are concerned about the energy efficiency of your sash windows, we offer double glazing conversion services that can help you reduce your energy bills and improve your windows insulation.

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If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective sash window repair services in Sulham or Berkshire, Sash Windows Berkshire is the company for you. We have the skills and experience necessary to restore your sash windows to their former glory and improve the appearance and functionality of your property. Contact us today at 0118 449 2798 to request a free quote, or visit our website at to learn more about our services.

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