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How To Repair A Broken Window Sash In Reading

Are you experiencing issues with your sash windows at home in Reading? Perhaps the sash, cord, or weight is worn or broken, causing your window to malfunction. If youre unsure how to fix the problem, don't worry! The team at Sash Windows Berkshire are here to help.

At Sash Windows Berkshire, we specialize in repairing sash windows in Reading and the surrounding areas. With years of experience in the trade, weve developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to repair sash windows to a high standard. In this article, well walk you through the process of repairing a broken window sash in Reading, so you can get your windows back to their full working order.

What is a Sash Window?

Before we dive in, it's worth discussing what a sash window is. Traditional sash windows are made up of two movable frames, known as the sashes, that slide up and down to allow air flow. Each sash is attached to a cord, which is wound around a weight pulley system concealed in the window frame. The weights act as counterbalances to make the window sashes easier to move up and down.

The sashes also have a staff bead on each side, which holds the glass in place. The staff bead is inserted into the window frame and can be removed to take the glass out for replacement or repair.

Issues with Broken Window Sash

Now, let's talk about what can go wrong with a sash window. There are several problems that can occur if you have a broken window sash. One common issue is when the cords become worn or broken, causing one or both sashes to become stuck or difficult to move up and down.

Another issue that can arise is when the window sashes no longer stay open on their own, causing them to close on a windy day or when you're trying to let fresh air into the room. A weight that's damaged or disconnected from the cord pulley system can cause this issue.

A broken staff bead can allow the glass to become loose or even fall out, creating a security risk and the need for a replacement glass pane. Finally, a damaged or warped sash can impact the window's ability to seal properly, which could lead to drafts and higher energy costs.

Steps to Repair a Broken Sash Window

If you're dealing with any of these problems, follow these steps to repair your broken window sash in Reading:

Step 1: Assess the damage

Before you start any repair work, inspect your sash window to identify the cause of the problem. Look for broken cords, damaged weights, or any signs of wear and tear on the sash or staff bead. Take note of any issues you find and prepare to order any replacement parts you may need.

Step 2: Remove the sash

To access the weight and cord system, you'll need to remove the sash from the window frame.

First, remove the staff bead that holds the glass in place by using a chisel or a hammer and pry bar. Be careful not to damage the woodwork around the staff bead. Once the staff bead is removed, you should be able to gently push the sash out of the frame.

Step 3: Repair or replace the cords & weights

If you found broken cords or damaged weights during the assessment, it's time to replace them.

To replace the cords, remove the weights from the weight pocket (the small compartment in the window frame where the weights sit). Tie one end of the new cord to the weight and thread the other end of the cord over the cord pulley at the top of the frame. Pull the cord down and attach it to the sash. Repeat this process on the other side of the window.

If you need to replace the weights, you can order replacement weights that match the size of your existing ones. Simply remove the old weights and replace them with the new ones.

Step 4: Repair or replace the staff bead

If you found a broken staff bead during the assessment, you'll need to remove it and replace it with a new one.

To remove the old staff bead, use a chisel or pry bar to gently pry it away from the frame. Be sure to remove any remaining nails or adhesive. Once the old staff bead is removed, apply a small amount of wood glue to the back of the new staff bead and position it in place. Secure it with nails and allow the glue to dry completely.

Step 5: Re-install the sash

Once you've repaired or replaced any damaged parts, it's time to re-install the sash into the window frame.

Slide the bottom of the sash into the frame and tilt the sash up into position. Hold the sash in place while you re-insert the staff bead into the frame. Gently tap the staff bead into place with a mallet or hammer, taking care not to damage the surrounding woodwork.

Step 6: Test the window

With the sash back in place, test the window to ensure it's working correctly. Open and close the window several times to make sure it's moving smoothly, and that it stays open on its own. Check the glass to ensure it's secure and not loose in the frame.


If you need to repair a broken window sash in Reading, there are several steps you can take to fix the problem. By following these steps and taking the time to assess the damage, order replacement parts, and carefully repair the sash, you can get your windows back to their full working order.

Remember, if you need additional help or guidance during the repair process, the team at Sash Windows Berkshire is always here to help. Contact us today on 0118 449 2798 to learn more about our sash window repair services in Reading and surrounding areas.

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