Sash Windows Berkshire Install Wooden Sash Windows

Known for their excellent durability and insulation qualities, wooden frames can last for several hundreds of years so ensure that you enlist Sash Windows Berkshire keep them for you.

Sash Windows Berkshire windows made from wood are also more environmentally friendly that other available materials because they are ecological. The fact that windows which go back generations can still be seen around the world are a testimony to the pure robustness of the wooden frame and now Sash Windows Berkshire can enhance this further.


Choosing windows unsuitable for your home can devalue your UK property and potentially damage your home. Sash Windows Berkshire know that retackling the wood that is used to create your wooden sash windows makes certain that they are equally strong and useful in all wither conditions.

While Sash Windows Berkshire uPVC is an optimal model for customers who replace their sash windows, it is unusual for them to be suitable to the genuine sashes in the exact same manner as wood. Sash Windows Berkshire advice you to be prepared that your wooden windows may experience transormations in form after some time as the frames may at times extend.

Sash Windows Berkshire Create Elegant Wooden Sash Windows


Traditional Bespoke Wooden Sash Windows in Hermitage

Despite being thought of as high maintenance, Sash Windows Berkshire sash windows are finished using modern treatment methods which mean this isn't a problem. Sash Windows Berkshire long lasting and heat effective wooden sash windows can conform any requirements whether you want to put them in a contemporary building or a historic property.

Sash Windows Berkshire sash windows made out of wood can continues up to twice as long as their UPVC counterparts. The secret to having long-lasting windows comes from the protective paint and wood stain Sash Windows Berkshire apply to all our wood based products.


Sash Windows Berkshire are a Berkshire UK based company

With the odd routine maintenance check by Sash Windows Berkshire, your wooden sash windows will remain in perfect condition. Sash Windows Berkshire only hire qualified installers who have extensive knowledge of their trade and the products that they apply.

Your wooden sash windows won't require a lot of upkeep, as commonly claimed by others, particularly right away with the contemporary approaches available from Sash Windows Berkshire. If you are experiencing problems such as cracked paint, draughtiness, high energy consumption and decreased functionality, then your sash window frames may have become warped and you will need an expert hand from Sash Windows Berkshire.